Executive Search

The Challenge

A Global Financial Services organisation required a COO for a new Wealth Management company within their Group. Their previous recruitment strategies had been unable to find the right kind of executive talent, given that the Wealth Management industry is extremely competitive with many established successful companies. As a new player in this arena, our client was struggling to attract the best candidates in the market.

After nine months of bad recruitment experiences, thanks to our reputation for delivery in this sector, we were engaged to conduct a retained search. This solution provided a disciplined, structured and focussed recruitment process.

The Solution

Our team of recruitment experts worked with the Client on a range of actions designed to achieve the desired outcome. These ranged from the enhancement of their corporate profile and comprehensive candidate vetting, through to targeted advertising.

With our deep industry knowledge and search expertise, we quickly added value. After a short period of time, we are able to produce a shortlist of high-quality committed candidates.

The Outcome

After 60 days on this assignment, the client issued a job offer and secured a new COO.

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