Ensuring secure, effective and seamless technology transition

The Challenge

With increasing requirements for businesses to hold, control and leverage large volumes of data, which often needs to be dynamically available in real time whilst remaining secure, resilient, performant whilst “on demand”, our client (a leading UK Investment Management organisation) identified cloud storage as their strategic method for meeting their needs.

However, that initial migration is often arduous – in terms of decisions around architectural and procurement that scale with the demand; having to ensure that appropriate controls, governance and protocols that protect data are in place; and ensuring that the mechanics of the migration of historic data and systems is executed smoothly.

The Approach

We established in partnership with the client an approach that ensured a safe and secure transition to the new technology.

Working hand in hand with key business SMEs we were able to plan and execute the migration approach – reviewing sourcing options, selecting the provider, contracting, detailing the migration requirements, producing migration schedules, testing and executing the migration.

The Outcome

In addition to the migration of existing data storage from their “on premises” solution, the project implemented all required integration services with other hosted systems along with the governance controls and operational management process necessary to manage the service in production and appropriately protect the data.

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