Enabling a move to a new CRM system

The Challenge

Our client had a legacy CRM system that also formed the basis for advisor payments and reporting. While there was a plan to move to a new SAAS landscape in the next 24 months, the issues with the performance and reliability of the existing system were already impacting the business and its relationship & reputation with advisors.

We were asked to assess all areas of the existing system, to provide a holistic approach to maintaining service between now and migration to the new solution.

The Approach

We took a four-channel approach across technology and operational change:

1. Review of all business processes

Identify any that could be rescheduled to reduce “hot spots” during the operational calendar, that put undue pressure on system performance.

2. Full assessment of infrastructure and hosting

Identify where changes to underlying infrastructure could be implemented (virtualisation, improved resilience etc.) to reduce risk to sustainable service.

3. Put in place enhanced monitoring solutions

Improving predictability of service and allowing early identification of potential failure points (promotion proactive remediation)

4. Specialist review of configuration of application and underlying databases to optimise their performance

Enhancements put in place to reduce query lag time and optimise most used functions

The Outcome

The aggregated impact of this four-channel approach has so far resulted in a 67% reduction in live incidents (with no Priority 1 cases reported) over the 12 months following our intervention.

It has also allowed internal SME resource to be released to focus solely on the programme to move to new system – protecting its delivery timelines.

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